Online Defensive Driving Courses Taking Net by Storm

Over the past 1-2 years, online defensive driving courses have more then doubled yet most are still unaware that these courses even exsist. Most still go to the local libarrty or to defensive driving schools for 6 hours or 2 seperate nights, but with online courses, which is now New York State approved, you have up to 3 weeks to complete the 5 1/2 course at your own convience in the comfort of your own home.

Defensive Driving classes for the most the most part covers the basics rules of the road which some may have forgotten since from the time they originally got licensed. Most have a hard time with their schedule of work and life getting 6 spare hours, but online you can set your own schedule over 3 weeks to take the course.

The course saves you 10% off of your liabilty, personal injury and collision insurance coverage and can save you up to 4 points on your motor vehicle record. As a licensed defensive driving instructor I have save my clients hundreds of dollars thru the years and now am offering an online coupon on all new sign-ups. Simply go to and enter the “5 OFF” in the promotional code box and save $5 off the cost charge of just $49.95

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