Why get Flood Insurance?


Did you know:

· Floods kill more people in the United States than any other natural disaster.

· Most natural disasters involve flooding.

· 25 percent of flooding occurs in areas with low to moderate flood risks.

· Property damage from flooding now totals more than $1 billion each year in the U.S.

Take flood precautions.

Before a flood:

· Be aware of weather conditions that could prompt flooding.

· Listen to radio or TV broadcasts for emergency information and evacuate immediately if told to do so.

· Collect emergency building supplies — plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber, hammer, nails, saw, pry bar, shovels and sandbags.

· Purchase a weather alert radio.

· Organize an evacuation plan and establish an emergency meeting place should your family get separated.

· Secure shelves and water heaters to nearby walls.

· Raise electrical system components.

· Consider installing check valves in your plumbing to prevent floodwater backup.

· Park, lock and leave vehicles at a higher elevation.

During the flood:

· Never walk or drive through rushing floodwaters. Even six inches of moving water is dangerous.

· Avoid rising waters, storm drains and sewers. Move to higher ground.

· Watch out for snakes and small animals that might seek shelter in your home.

· Never enter buildings surrounded by floodwaters.

· Stay away from downed power lines and electrical wires.

If you aren’t in a Flood zone where insurance is required the annual premium is only $405.00 with a basement; $365.00 without.
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